Executive Director - St. Joseph County Transportation Authority

Position Title: Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors of the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority

Background Information

The St. Joseph County Transportation Authority (SJCTA) is an Act 196 Public Transportation Authority that provides public transit service in the Cities of Sturgis, Three Rivers and St. Joseph County. SJCTA has a fleet of 25 vehicles, and provides operational service to the above cities and surrounding areas on as needed basis.

Job Summary

The Executive Director serves as chief administrative officer of the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority and manages all aspects of the Authority's operation. While the Authority's Board of Directors (the "Board'') reserves the ultimate decision-making authority as to the goals, budget, financing, policies and direction of the Authority, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are responsible for the Authority's success. The Executive Director acts as the Board's liaison with the community and provides the Board with monthly status reports on transit operations. The Executive Director is responsible for grant application, oversight and administration, and acts as the contact for
the Authority with the Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT's) Office of Passenger Transportation. The Executive Director's duties involve supervision of transit operations and will entail hiring staff.

The Board delegates responsibility for management oversight of transit operations to the Executive Director, and s/he has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, following the direction and policies established by the Board. The Executive Director assists the Board as it carries out its governance functions.

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