Projects Coordinator

Incumbent is responsible for coordinating the Rideshare program and providing assistance to the Transportation Director by performing a variety of support activities involving special transportation projects (i.e. NTD Ridership Survey, Triennial Review, public outreach, external relations, marketing, governing boards) including the Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC)/ New Freedom Program (KC Metro), ADA Demand/ Response Service for individuals with disabilities (Metro Van), and work with riders with special needs to assist them with access and training to use the fixed route system. Duties will include: collecting, organizing, analyzing, maintaining and presenting information related to the special programs and activities; performing verification and validation review of data; preparing and maintaining written records and computer databases and web pages; preparing graphs and reports; training riders who need extra assistance in accessing and/or using the fixed route system; and attending various meetings and exchanging selected information with various employees, the organization and the public.

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