The Michigan Public Transit Association currently offers three types of membership:

The Transit Systems category is, naturally, comprised of transit operators from throughout Michigan. The annual dues are calculated on a sliding scale based upon eligible operating expenses, with a minimum annual membership fee. Transit Systems have full voting rights and privileges and employees of these systems may hold office on the MPTA board of directors.

The Associate Members category is comprised of other interested parties. These generally are vendors and suppliers to the transit industry but may also include individuals, other organizations, businesses, unions, governmental entities, and advocacy groups. The annual fixed rate for dues in this category is $100. Associate Members may attend all functions at member rates and may attend board meetings but do not have voting rights and privileges and may not hold office in the organization.

How To Join

Every applicant for membership in the MPTA must make application to the Secretary/Treasurer. All applications for membership must then be presented for two-thirds approval by the Board of Directors. Dues are prorated as appropriate and new members will be billed.

Anyone interested in membership in the MPTA may contact Cindy Zolkowski, MPTA Director of Administrative Services, for additional information at (517) 324-0858 or e-mail mptacindy [at]