A&M Multiplexed doors

Intermittent problem.

2009 Eld. Aero Elite, Navi. 3200 chassis.

Doors will not open/close. No stored codes. A&M circuit board not showing any malfunction during testing. RPM/circuit board/motor connections are good, no corrosion, no probed wires. Battery connections are good. exterior key switch for pass. doors has been disconected (had problems with water intrusion causing door malfunctions). Using Navi DLB, switch commands are good, RPM’s have good outputs. By the time the bus makes it in off the road, the problem has stopped, nothing stored in computer, and I can’t get it to duplicate. Any Ideas?

Aaron, we had a few different problems with these doors. The most common is the module above the doors getting wet from a crack in the seam in the roof above the doors. Another common problem is the key switch but you have that unplugged already. The last problem is there’s a real thick harness under the bus behind the battery box and close to the RPM module that we’ve found problems with. Usually you will find unsealed butt connectors there that have gotten corroded up. Good luck, Andre`

Thanks Andre, next time I will dig into the wiring Harness.