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2022 Annual Meeting Presentations

(See 4 immediate presentations posted above, beginning with Jack Clark' s keynote presentation.)


2022 Rural Transit Managers Workshop

PTD Administrator Jean Ruestman's presentation

Cat Koerner's HR presentation

MDOT Presentation Technology Plan

2021 Rural Transit Managers Workshop

Day 1 - MDOT Back to Basics

Day 2 - Carol Wright Kenderdine

Day 3 - Legislative Updates

Day 4 - HR & Ask a Lawyer

2020 Presentations

2019 Annual Meeting Presentations

  • Scott Bogren – CTAA Keynote Message (CTAA Federal Update)
  • Carol Schweiger – Not Your Father’s Bus (Schweiger)
  • Ed Benning/Harmony Lloyd – Flint MTA’s Rides to Wellness (RTW-First ppt)
  • Ed Benning/Harmony Lloyd – Flint MTA’s Rides to Wellness 2 (MTAFLINT R2W)
  • Mark de la Vergne - Integrated Fare Payment (IFP)
  • Jean Ruestman – Office of Passenger Transportation (Annual Meeting 19 OPT)

2017 Annual Meeting Presentations

June Advocacy Tools

2016 MPTA Annual Meeting

2015 Rural Transit Managers Workshop

Proposal 1

Annual Meeting 2014

20-Year Needs Study

Annual Meeting 2010 Documents

White Papers


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