code 2215 cummins all common rail

first off this code is a real pain to diagnose. to get the code to happen the engine normally needs to be hot, and you need to drive it hard up hill. ie the kind of conditions where you would expect to use as much fuel as possible. some techs can get it to happen by power braking in the shop, but it will heat up the trans so i dont agree with it.

if you can get the code to go active then you definately have an issue which wont go away. it can be caused by a faulty efc valve (on high pressure pump), fuel sensor (on fuel rail) OR the one I normally find, an internal fuel leak into the fuel return line.

to find out if you have an internal leak, you need insight and either have to get the special tools (union adapters and a special block off tool for the rail – these arent expensive, they are basically special bolts and nuts) or you have to get inventive.

remove the fuel return line from the back of the cylinder head fit special adapter (bascially diverts the fuel from the return line to a line going to a graduated jug).

run the engine until you get fuel at the jug then stop engine, go on insight and find the test for fuel leakage, (its in the same place as the forced regen).

start engine and run test if you get more than 10 oz of fuel in the jug in 1 minute there is an internal leak, thats when you use the special block off nut. remove one injector line at a time from the common rail, block off the union at the common rail then run the test again. if the fluid level is still over 10 oz then that injector is probably ok. when you cap off a line and the fluid level is much less than the first test (its normally real obvious) thats where the leak is. it could be the connector tube to the injector has become loose and you can just retorque it, it could be the injector is bad in which case you need to replace the connector tube and the injector. i leave the test kit on until after it has been replaced so i can confirm it is within specs.
i hope this helps, even cummins admits this is a real bad code to diagnose especially as the engine needs to be hot for it to happen, if the engine cools down too much while your testing you could get bad results.