Free MTA Service is Extended

Good news, MTA is extending FREE rides each Sunday!!! MTA wants to make sure everyone is getting what they need to stay healthy, groceries, pharmacy, or even church visits.

Here is an updated list of services from MTA. Mass Transit Authority is now hiring drivers with every safety precaution taken. Temperatures are taken each day for all workers and passengers, Plastic is installed between driver and only ONE passenger per car and masks are provided for all.

Seniors and Veterans make the best employees and can work whatever hours work the best for them. Flexible hours and good pay, full and part time available. Great benefits for full time or receive extra money each month in leu of insurance benefits.

FREE Sunday services have been extended until March of this year along with reduced rates. Your Ride that picks you up at your home and takes you where you need to go in a car or SUV is only $2 right now.

We have just started our own podcast and would like to invite you to be our guest if you are interested.

Feel free to call with any questions, concerns or comments 810-444-0234