MTA Rides to Wellness 64% Higher in One Year

In October 2019 the Mass Transportation Authority provided 13,300 rides on its Rides to Wellness Service representing a ridership increase of 64% compared to October 2018 where 8081 passengers were transported.

The Rides to Wellness On Demand service offers same day service, provided within a goal of 30 minutes. Since the inception of Rides to Wellness service in 2015 the Mass Transportation Authority has established 14 area partners that certify and pay for their clients on this highly successful transportation service.

Recently, the Rides to Wellness program was expanded to provide same day service to take veterans and their spouses. This service offers transportation across three counties and connecting services to veteran’s hospitals in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Saginaw, Michigan. The number of veterans utilizing the service is growing exponentially daily.

The Rides to Wellness program today includes 100 cars and mini vans with ramps to meet client’s needs. Plans call for expansion of an additional 50 vehicles over the next 18 months. Passengers may schedule via phone, internet and/or utilize a new app. The new app, when fully deployed will allow passengers to directly schedule with the drivers. The Mass Transportation authority anticipates that ridership will grow to 1,000 passengers per day by late Spring of 2020.

“People are living much longer and the need for medical transportation services continues to grow,” Ed Benning, General Manager and CEO of MTA, stated.