E-450 cut-a-ways with 6.8L gasoline engines

Hello everyone;

I am requesting information regarding anyone operating 2010 or newer E-450 cut-a-ways with a 6.8L engine operating on gasoline. As many of you know Flint will be replaceing many of our old vans with E-450 cut-a-ways with a 6.8L engine, But, I am converting all of them to operate on LPG.

To allow us all to make good decissions regarding the future fuels to be usede I am asking for the following:

1. number of 2010 or newer vehicles you are operating. 2. total accumulatede miles. 3. average miles/gallon. 4. urban or rural service

Thanks for all your help in this quest for the best alternative fuel for each of us to operate with

Best Regards,
Lynn McLean