Free MTA Service is Extended

Good news, MTA is extending FREE rides each Sunday!!! MTA wants to make sure everyone is getting what they need to stay healthy, groceries, pharmacy, or even church visits.

Here is an updated list of services from MTA. Mass Transit Authority is now hiring drivers with every safety precaution taken. Temperatures are taken each day for all workers and passengers, Plastic is installed between driver and only ONE passenger per car and masks are provided for all.

Seniors and Veterans make the best employees and can work whatever hours work the best for them. Flexible hours and good pay, full and part time available. Great benefits for full time or receive extra money each month in leu of insurance benefits.

FREE Sunday services have been extended until March of this year along with reduced rates. Your Ride that picks you up at your home and takes you where you need to go in a car or SUV is only $2 right now.

We have just started our own podcast and would like to invite you to be our guest if you are interested.

Feel free to call with any questions, concerns or comments 810-444-0234

The Rapid Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Interim COO is selected to fill the executive-level role permanently

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The Rapid today announced the appointment of Steve Schipper as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Rapid’s Board of Directors asked Schipper to serve as Interim COO in June. He will now officially oversee the transportation, fleet maintenance, facilities, and special services departments in his new role.

Joining The Rapid’s team in 2009 as fleet and facilities manager, Schipper brought more than 20 years of transportation experience to his role. In 2015, Schipper was appointed to the role of transportation manager where he managed bus operators, dispatch operations, accident prevention, safety programs, and training.

Schipper continues to fulfill a critical role through the coronavirus pandemic, overseeing transportation operations and also leading The Rapid’s internal task force response and activities.

“Every team member at The Rapid shows incredible dedication to their job every day, and it’s been truly inspiring to watch the entire agency go above and beyond during the pandemic,” said Schipper. “I’m humbled to be trusted with this leadership role, and I look forward to continuing our work to provide safe, efficient and reliable transportation to our community.”

The Chief Operating Officer at The Rapid reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and coordinates all transit service delivery. The Rapid’s Board of Directors is currently engaged in searching for a permanent CEO, while Win Irwin serves in an interim capacity.

Schipper was born and raised in West Michigan. He attended Hope College and Central Florida Community College. Schipper worked as a mechanic and bus driver for Hope College and Cardinal Charters and Tours. He has been professionally involved in fleet maintenance since 1987 as an auto dealership service manager and a fleet manager with Hertz at the Miami airport. Before coming back to Grand Rapids, he was the deputy director of community services at the City of Key West, Florida, overseeing public works, fleet, transit, landscaping, facilities, recreation and the historical cemetery.

In his spare time, Schipper is a volunteer and Lieutenant with the Cedar Springs Fire Department, where he is an emergency medical first responder, firefighter and holds numerous FEMA certifications in Emergency Incident Management.

Michigan Transit Informational Campaign Request for Proposals

File Attachments: Michigan Transit Informational Campaign Request for Proposals.pdf, Marketing Campaign Responses to Questions.pdf

The MPTA is currently soliciting the attached RFP for information from creative, social media, and content marketing agencies to handle media requirements. Interested agencies should have integrated marketing communication capabilities, a strong track record in managing all types of media, and/or strong experience in production of creative works or social campaigns. Agencies should also have relevant experience in working with leading brands. Prior public sector experience is desired.

The responses to questions posed by potential bidders are also attached as of June 29th. Proposal responses are due Wednesday, July 15th at Noon EST.

MTA Rides to Wellness 64% Higher in One Year

In October 2019 the Mass Transportation Authority provided 13,300 rides on its Rides to Wellness Service representing a ridership increase of 64% compared to October 2018 where 8081 passengers were transported.

The Rides to Wellness On Demand service offers same day service, provided within a goal of 30 minutes. Since the inception of Rides to Wellness service in 2015 the Mass Transportation Authority has established 14 area partners that certify and pay for their clients on this highly successful transportation service.

Recently, the Rides to Wellness program was expanded to provide same day service to take veterans and their spouses. This service offers transportation across three counties and connecting services to veteran’s hospitals in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Saginaw, Michigan. The number of veterans utilizing the service is growing exponentially daily.

The Rides to Wellness program today includes 100 cars and mini vans with ramps to meet client’s needs. Plans call for expansion of an additional 50 vehicles over the next 18 months. Passengers may schedule via phone, internet and/or utilize a new app. The new app, when fully deployed will allow passengers to directly schedule with the drivers. The Mass Transportation authority anticipates that ridership will grow to 1,000 passengers per day by late Spring of 2020.

“People are living much longer and the need for medical transportation services continues to grow,” Ed Benning, General Manager and CEO of MTA, stated.

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