gillig electrical issues

no charge light (but bus is charging), intermitant brake lights, engine cut out, AC not working in one mode or all, just about anything that is one the back of the bus working intermitantly.

gillig had an issue for a number of years with a supplier stamping the wiring to deep with the circuit name, then compounded the problem with the way they routed the cable.

if you open the right rear lower access door, by the engine fuse panel, and look up you will see the main harness coming down from the internal rear fuse/controller area, if you look closely you will see it comes down then goes back up a bit, making a perfect trap for all that lovely salt water we have, to sit on the wires inside the convolute tube. open up that section and look at the small wires where the label is stamped in to it, and you will often see green (corrosion), check up and down the wire to find how much is bad, and replace that section.

while you are in there you had might as well fix all the other ones that are starting to go green but are not bad enough to cause an issue yet. i normally fix atleast ten wires when i go in there.

always remember – nil illigitimi carborundom